Aishia Lawson
Contestant Profile
Hometown Oceanside, California
Occupation Student

Survivor: Faroe Islands

Tribes Udspille
► Mytteri
► Beskytte
► Mytteri
► Udspille
Placement 8/20
Alliances Maeva, Jaxon, Marie
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 30

Aishia Lawson is a contestant from Survivor: Faroe Islands. She was portrayed by Yyaku.


Name (Age) Aishia Lawson, 18

Tribe Designation Udspille

Current Residence Oceanside, California

Occupation Student

Personal Claim to Fame My only claim to fame is being alive, it's a miracle I'm here and every day I wake up is a blessing.

Hobbies Watching Survivor, Drawing, Coding

Pet Peeves Indecisive people, not getting my way, and losing.

3 Words to Describe You Persistent, Strategic, Powerful

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like Nobody, because nobody is on my level of how I play Survivor.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR I am playing because I want to show everyone what I've got.

Faroe Islands

Voting History

Aishia's Voting History
Episode Aishia's
Voted Against
1 Logan -
2 Udspille Tribe Immune
3 Jet -
4 Mytteri Tribe Immune
5 Mytteri Tribe Immune
6 John -
7 Mytteri Tribe Immune
8 Sarah -
9 Udspille Tribe Immune
10 Maeva -
11 Jet Jet, Maeva, Petrus (x2)
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • Aishia went on to win Player of the Season.