Bo Chan Haruki
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash

Tribes Sivas
Placement 2nd Runner-Up (3/16)
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 18
Days Lasted 39

Bo Chan Haruki is a contestant from Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash. He was portrayed by Yaumanfan27.


Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash

Voting History

Bo Chan's Voting History
Episode Bo Chan's
Voted For
Bo Chan
1 Devin -
2 Malvin* -
3 Malvin John, Ripley
4 Ripley* Annika, Connor,
John, Ripley
5 Annika* Annika, Connor,
John, Ripley, Skylar
6 Annika* Annika, Connor,
John, Ripley, Skylar
7 Annika;
Individual Immunity
8 Ripley Individual Immunity
9 Annika Individual Immunity
10 McKenzie;
11 Skylar -
12 Delaney Delaney
John Connor
Votes for
Bo Chan
2nd Runner-Up, Day 39

*Due to the tribe winning immunity, these votes were nullified.


  • After receiving no votes at Final Tribal Council, Bo Chan filed a lawsuit against DVMP, Survivor, CBS and all 8 jurors for character defamation.


  • Bo Chan is the host's all time favourite castaway.
  • Bo Chan holds a tie for the record of most individual immunity wins in a row, with three. He shares this record with Jet Colmer and Romeo De Luca.
  • Bo Chan is the fist robbed winner in the Series, receiving no votes at Final Tribal Council, despite deserving to win.
    • The public was told he did not receive votes for his poor social game. Conspiracy theorists, however, believe this was just an elaborate cover-up spearheaded by fellow castaway Skylar West, who did not want to lose his title of Best Winner of All Time.
  • Bo Chan is the first castaway to make it to the end despite being voted out.
    • He was voted out a total of 3 times.

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