Carnelian Sempanickle
Contestant Profile
Occupation Student

Survivor: Myanmar

Tribes Rakhine
► Taungoo
Placement 16/21
Alliances Pre-Merge:
*Richard, Mya, Kyna
Zane, Star
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 16

Carnelian Sempanickle is a contestant from Survivor: Myanmar. She was portrayed by Bowanet.


Survivor: Myanmar

Voting History

Carnelian's Voting History
Episode Carnelian's
Voted Against
1 Anarchy Immunity
2 Anarchy Immunity
3 Azalee -
4 Mark -
5 No Tribal Council
6 No Tribal Council
Evacuated, Day 16



  • Carnelian won immunity twice, and missed two tribals due to Zane quitting, along with her own evacuation. Meaning for 6 episodes, she only participated in 33% of the tribals.
  • Carnelian never had a vote cast for her, similar to her experience in Faroe Islands, where she technically never received a vote.
  • Carnelian is the first ever contestant in a DORG to be medically evacuated.
    • Her reasoning for quitting was justified as a health related issue, which granted her to be put down medically as leaving the game, as opposed to optionally withdrawing from the game.