Jaxon Hibler
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 11, 1995
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Student/Soccer Player

Survivor: Faroe Islands

Tribes Udspille
► Mytteri
► Beskytte
► Mytteri
► Udspille
► Lille Verden
Placement 9/20
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 28

Jaxon Hibler is a contestant from Survivor: Faroe Islands. He was portrayed by XMCL.


Name(Age): Jaxon Hibler (20)

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Student/Soccer Player

Personal Claim to Fame: My parents, they're both extremely hard workers who have earned their own fame.

Hobbies: Playing soccer, running, and hanging out with my friends.

Pet Peeves: Annoying, bratty people who are full of themselves. I also can't stand slow drivers and selfish people.

3 Words to Describe You: Competitive, intelligent, decisive.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I'd like to be a mix of Sandra Diaz-Twine and Todd Herzog. I'd like to make huge moves when I need to but stay low at the start.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I'm a huge fan, I'm old enough, and I'm fit. I'm here to experience what SURVIVOR is truly like- and to win!

Faroe Islands

Voting History

Jaxon's Voting History
Episode Jaxon's
Voted Against
1 Logan -
2 Udspille Tribe Immune
3 Jet -
4 Mytteri Tribe Immune
5 Mytteri Tribe Immune
6 John Individual Immunity
7 Mytteri Tribe Immune
8 Sarah Sarah
9 Taras;
10 Maeva Maeva
Voted Off, Day 27
11 Briana,
Iris, Sarah
Eliminated, Day 28
Voted for
Sole Survivor