Natalie Schultz
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Bhutan

Tribes Zhemgang
► Thimphu
► Zhemgang
Placement Runner-Up (2/21)
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 39

Natalie Schultz is a contestant from Survivor: Bhutan. She was portrayed by Nathan Schultz.


Survivor: Bhutan

Voting History

Natalie's Voting History
Episode Natalie's
Voted Against
1 Robby -
2 Zypker -
3 Thimphu Tribe Immune
4 Thimphu Tribe Immune
5 Niaho -
6 Chris;
7 Zhemgang Tribe Immune
8 Melissa -
9 Jenni -
10 Jenni Individual Immunity
11 Zepher Individual Immunity
12 Zepher -
13 Zepher -
14 Rosalyna -
15 Jenni -
Joey Individual Immunity
Votes for
Runner-Up, Day 39



  • Natalie is tied for the record of most post-merge individual immunity wins in Bhutan along with Joey Nature.
  • Like the previous runner-ups (Hudson Jones & Sandra Davies), Natalie use glasses.
  • Not including negated votes, Natalie is tied with fellow castaway Ale'Tia Tayden, as being the first two DORG contestants to reach the Final Tribal Council and never receive a valid vote against them.
    • Should negated votes be included, Natalie would be the only castaway to hold this title.

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