Romeo De Luca



Contestant Profile
Birth Date 26 years old
Occupation Model

Survivor: Bhutan

Tribes Thimphu
► Punakha
► Thimphu
Placement 11/21
Alliances Jenni
Punakha Guys Alliance
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 25

Survivor: Dawn of the Storm

Tribes Ganhar
Placement 6/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 34

Romeo De Luca is a contestant from Survivor: Bhutan and Survivor: Dawn of the Storm. He was portrayed by XMCL.


Survivor: Bhutan

Voting History

Romeo's Voting History
Episode Romeo's
Voted Against
1 Thimphu Tribe Immune
2 Thipmhu Tribe Immune
3 Britney;
4 Gregory -
5 Britney Britney
6 Thipmhu Tribe Immune
7 Asuna -
8 Melissa -
9 Britney Britney, Jenni, Joey,
Rhodanna, Rosalyna, Zepher
Voted Off, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Dawn of the Storm

Voting History

Romeo's Voting History
Episode Romeo's
Voted Against
1 Jenni -
2 Lutar Tribe Immune
3 Ganhar Tribe Immune
4 Lutar Tribe Immune
5 Gregory Miles
6 Ryan -
7 Hudson -
8 Kelly -
9 Ale'Tia Individual Immunity
10 Charlie Individual Immunity
11 Zeebem Individual Immunity
12 Miles Aaron, Ezra, Marie
Megan, Miles
Voted Off, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor




  • Romeo had been on the same tribe as Joey Nature since Day 1.
  • Romeo had played a large part in the eliminations of Seb Pillok, Gregory Wheeler, and Melissa Maxwell.
  • Romeo was part of DORG's first successful 'showmance' with Jenni Latazu.
    • A 'showmance' is a relationship within a reality show
  • Romeo has a record for the latest day the first juror was voted out, day 25.
    • However, in Season 2, Iris Frost was added to the jury on 28.
      • This was part of the Lille Verden twist. Iris was voted out day 17.

Dawn of the Storm

  • Romeo was one of seven castaways from Survivor: Bhutan
    • He received the highest placement of the seven
  • Romeo holds a tie for the record of most individual immunity wins in a row, with three. He shares this record with Jet Colmer.
  • Romeo played a large role in the eliminations of Jenni Latazu, Ryan Patton, Kelly Benes, Ale'Tia Tayden, Charlie Bennet, and Zeebem McKay.
    • All of these names were either recommended or spread by Romeo.
  • Romeo is the first 6th place contestants to receive a full five votes against him
    • Out of the five seasons, only Dawn of the Storm and Bhutan had vote without a tie.