Skylar West
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash

Tribes Sivas
Placement 6/16
Alliances Remained Loyal:

Connor MacIntyre
Ripley Dlo
Annika Nillson
Secret Alliance
Silent Assassins
Sivas Alliance
Bo Chan Haruki
Delaney Cook
John Doe

Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 32

Skylar West is a contestant from Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash. He was portrayed by Tozza6.


Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash

Voting History

Skylar's Voting History
Episode Skylar's
Voted For
1 Devin -
2 Malvin* -
3 Malvin -
4 Ripley* -
5 Bo Chan* -
6 Bo Chan* -
7 Xavier;
8 Delaney -
9 Annika -
10 Xavier;
Individual Immunity
11 John Bo Chan, Delaney,
John, McKenzie
Voted Off, Day 32
Voted For
Sole Survivor

*Due to the tribe winning immunity, these votes were nullified.



  • Skylar is the only castaway in Turkey to play an idol correctly.
    • However, the idol was nullified by McKenzie Parker, meaning it had no effect.
  • Skylar is the first castaway to have one of their idols nullified and not have another idol played on the same target right after.
  • Skylar went the longest of anyone in Turkey before receiving votes, receiving his first vote in Episode 11.
  • Skylar received the fewest total amount of votes out of all the Sivas members, with only 4.
    • He also received the fewest total amount of votes out of all the men on Turkey.
  • Skylar was the highest placing jury member to vote for McKenzie to win.
  • Out of all the sixth placers, Skylar has so far lasted the fewest number of days with only 32.