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  • DVMP

    Hello, final 3 and jury!

    It is time for the vote reveal to determine our winner.  Lexie, Phoebe, and Regine, you three ladies have made it all the way to the end, but for two of you, that won't matter.  I'll reveal the votes.

    ...Lexie. Lexi blushes as the audience roars with applause.

    ...Regine. Regina does a mini curtsy from her seat and smiles as Phoebe and Lexie pat her on the back.

    ...Lexie. Lexie looks down while Regine shakes her excitedly; the audience's enthusiasm barrages the finalists.

    ...Regine. Regine raises her eyebrows and laughs.

    ...That's two votes Lexie, two votes Regine...

    ...Lexie... Lexie's complexion changes as she looks more intently at Probst. The audience becomes noticeably quieter as they await the results.

    ...Lexie. That's f…

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  • DVMP

    Hey guys!  Congratulations on making it to the final four.

    Tozza and I figured we should let you in on a little secret.  Most of you have assumed the entire game that this would be a final three.  That is correct; it's a final three this season.  For real...yeah...k den.  Onto the final immunity challenge!

    As you may know, we have a tradition here in DORGs, and that is for the final immunity challenge to consist of the finalists guessing the jurors quotes pulled out of context.  So why break tradition?  Onto the questions!

    1. Hosts: What do you want [now that you're at Ponderosa]? ?: "Pizza and hard liquor."
    2. "what a hard 32 days using exclemation poitns and shit
      not cussing -often-"
    3. "My docs are cringy."
    4. "There's a reason why they have a show called…
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  • DVMP

    Hey guys! Congratulations to Ayra for winning immunity.

    Y'all know the drill by now. Deadline's by 5 PM EST tomorrow, answer questions, yada yada.

    To All: With only two to three votes left before the final tribal council, it's now or never. What's more important at this critical phase; finding people who will bring you to the end, getting rid of the biggest jury threats, building a resumé, or something else entirely?

    To All: Tonight is the last night the idols have been played; with only two played this game has strategy revolved around this mystery at all?

    Ayra: You came out of the blue with an immunity win this past cycle; how badly did you need it? What is your story for the jury should you survive to Day 39?

    Bill: As the sole Aldabra left,…

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  • DVMP

    Hey guys!

    Before we get into today's challenge, we must first and foremost welcome you to the finale. It's been a long 34 days up until this point so you guys should be proud of yourselves for making it this far! There are only a few more challenges/tribals before some of you will be facing the jury at the end and asking them to give you the ultimate prize of Sole Survivor. May the odds ever be in your favor.

    To celebrate making it to this milestone... we're forcing each and every one of you to send in your ~journey~ confessionals outlining your overall story of the season from the very beginning to now. I know we've been up on your butts lately getting you to send in more confessionals but this one is extremely important, so get them in pro…

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  • DVMP

    Welcome to tribal council, Cicero!

    You have until 5 PM EST/9 AM AEST tomorrow to send in your votes via e-mail/hangouts. Tribal council questions are optional but highly recommended, and there is the chance you'll be asked a follow-up question. To answer a question, you may send us your answers via e-mail/hangouts, and we will post your comments in this thread. That way, you won't reveal your identity.

    To All: For the first time since Isastar's boot, an original Mahé went home. Now that the majority alliance has fractured, will things turn into more of an open season or do you think a new, smaller majority alliance has taken over?

    To All: With only a few votes to go, are you starting to look at who you want to be sitting next to at the end? H…

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