Hey guys!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for the game to start, and as the title suggests, it will begin in approximately 24 hours from now (around 5:30 PM EST).  Here's a couple things to do if you haven't already:

  • Create your g-mail account!  This is super important as it's the main mode of conversation you'll use throughout this game.  Please use the exact format "" (capitalization does not matter) for no confusion.  If you are somehow unable to create your own g-mail, as some of you are, just talk to me on the chat in the next day and tell me what you'd like your password to be.  I'll try to be online as much as possible, but ultimately the responsibility is on you and I'm just here to help when I can.
  • Speaking of passwords, and this is super important, if you have created a g-mail account, please make sure I know your password!  I will bug you about it if you don't, so please save both of us the hassle.
  • Pre-gaming is allowed (and not encouraged or discouraged), but if you do want to pre-game you must send a transcript of all game-related conversations to  Thanks!

That's it for now, guys.  Starting tomorrow, things are really gonna pick up, so hold on - it's gonna be a heck of a ride!

P.S. I do not want to send out reminders about a post or challenge or tribal, so this is going to be a test - if you see this message, please post "I see this message" below.  That'll tell me who does and doesn't need reminders for the first couple days of the game. 

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