So, a little different procedure from normal, there's no forum for this because I think it'd be simple to put this in just one blog post, because it's...Auction time!

Anywhere, here's how it will work.  You each have $500 to spend, and you must bid in $20 increments.  There will be eight items posted (meaning that, if you bid correctly, everyone's guaranteed to get an item).  Some of the items will be hidden, some will be public.  If someone already bids on the item you want, you must bid at least $20 higher than them to take the item.  This is a lot like Survivor Auction's, so if you don't understand, simply ask.  When you post, please say "I bid X on Item #X", so I can clearly understand how much you're bidding and what you're bidding on.

Anywho, here are the item's!

Item #1: An advantage in this cycle's immunity challenge. (Won by Lynn. The auction itself is the immunity challenge, meaning Lynn wins immunity!)

Item #2:  (Hidden) You will get to choose who goes to Solitude Isle. (Won by Jacob. This is due by 8 PM EST tonight.)

Item #3: A vote spy.  This will allow you to see any one vote by any person you choose, from any prior tribal council or for an upcoming one.  This can be only used once, and is only usable through the final 5.  Note: If you want to see a vote from a tribal council with a re-vote, you must pick which of the two parts of the vote you want to see, the first part, or the second part.  To use it, notify me through (Won by Alex)

Item #4:  (Hidden) Bat soup! No benefits in the game, but yum, it's soup! (Won by Rachael)

Item #5:  (Hidden) A clue to the hidden immunity idol. (Not Taken)

Item #6: An advantage in the FINAL immunity challenge, should you get there. (Not Taken)

Item #7:  (Hidden) Pig brain, even if you're not allowed to eat it, you're not missing out on much. (Not Taken)

Item #8: An extra jury vote, should you make the final tribal council. (Won by Bailey)

The Auction closes at 8 PM EST tomorrow night, and if a certain item has no bids for it, the item is lost and no one gets it.  Good luck!

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