Hey guys!

So, with The Greater Antilles wrapping up and about a month before I plan on potentially hosting a Big Brother season (the next main Survivor season will take place sometime in late October/early November), now is the perfect time for this "advertisement" of mine.

As you probably know, I originally planned to turn each of the DORG seasons into their own respective fanons.  Tokelau has four episodes created, but no other seasons have any episodes up yet, and I certainly cannot do them on my own.  Crazybone has offered to help writing a fanon, and I wanted to ask if anyone else would like to work on any fanon as well.

If you're interested, you don't have to commit to write an entire season; you can choose to just write one episode at a time if you'd like.  You can choose any of the six main seasons except DOTS (since it's a returnee season), and if you would like you can do TGA but that is of much lower priority to me than any of the other seasons.  Hudson and myself have already started working on Tokelau and I know Crazybone has expressed interest in Tokelau, so we'll work on that between ourselves, but for the others seasons if you'd like to write even one episode, please express your interest in the comment section below!  Once I know who's interested, I'll be excited to work with you guys on it and hopefully get the long process of converting these games to fanons started.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to make that goal a reality, and I thank any of you who'd volunteer time towards this goal for chipping in!