Hey guys!

What, you don't know what I mean by "that" challenge?  Well, silly, I'm talking about Touchy Subjects!

You will have to answer the following questions below as to your opinion of your fellow castaways (only the ones still in the game).  You cannot choose yourself for any of these questions, and you must send your answers to by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow.  The person whose answers most closely match up with the majority's answers will win immunity.  It's quite a simple challenge from a rules perspective, but perhaps not from a social perspective.  You're also not allowed to talk about your answers to any of the questions until after the challenge is over.  And yes, your answers will be publicized once the challenge is over!

Here are the questions:

Q1: Who is the best player?

Q2: Who is the worst player?

Q3: Who do you least want to talk to after this game is over?

Q4: Who is playing the best social game?

Q5: Who is playing the best strategic game?

Q6: Who doesn't deserve to be here?

Q7: Who has no shot at winning this game?

Q8: Who will win this game if things continue the way they are?

Q9: Who is the most honest?

Q10: Who is the biggest villain?

Q11: Who do you trust with your life?

Q12: Who needs a slap across the face?

Q13: Who is the most clueless?

Q14: Who is going to be voted out tonight?

Q15: Who do you personally least want to see win?

Q16: Who do you least want to offend with these answers?

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask.  

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