Hey guys!

For today's individual immunity challenge, we will be playing a game of dodgeball! Here's how it's going to work.

Each of you will have an unlimited amount of dodgeballs to throw; the only limitation is that you cannot throw more than one dodgeball at a time. The way you throw a dodgeball is by posting "Throws dodgeball at (insert name here)". That person will have two hours to respond to the post. If they respond in the first hour, they may post "Catches Dodgeball" and the person who threw it will lose a life. If they post in the second hour they may post "Dodges Dodgeball" and neither player will lose a life. Everyone will start out with three lives, and once you lose all three lives, you are out.

Of course, one thing that has certainly been a point of contention in the past is timezones, and to balance that, you cannot have more than one dodgeball thrown at you at a time. That way, if you're not online for the first few hours you won't log on to see that you've already been eliminated.

The last person standing by 5:30 PM EST will win immunity. In the case of a tie, the person who threw the most dodgeballs will win immunity. If that is still a tie, then whoever threw a dodgeball last will win immunity.

Good luck!

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