Hey guys!

For today's immunity challenge, we're going to be doing something simple.  In the winter spirit, today you will be building beach snowmen!

You need to create three different spheres to stack onto each other, like a normal snowman.  The way you do this is by posting "Gathers sand for Sphere x" (x being whatever number you're at, starting at 1 and going until 3).  Fifteen minutes or more after you post that, you may post "Rolls Sand into a Sphere", and fifteen or more minutes after that you may put "Stacks Sphere x on Platform".  Then, you may repeat the process for Sphere #2 and Sphere #3 until you have built a happy little snowman.

Of course, some people like giant sand snowmen, so while three is the minimum requirement for the amount of spheres on your snowman to be eligible for immunity, if you'd like you can stack more than that.  Otherwise, if you'd like to stop, you may throw sandballs at other people's sand snowmen to attempt to knock them off.  You do this by posting "Throws Sandball at (insert name here)".  You may post as many snowballs as you want once you make your own snowman three spheres large.  Once you start throwing sandballs at others, you cannot build your snowman any further.  You may throw as many snowballs as you want as long as the posts are fifteen minutes apart, and for every three snowballs hurled at a person's sand snowman, the snowman will lose one of it's spheres (And no, you can't throw snowballs at someone with no snowman, we're not doing negative snowmen here xD).

Anyway, whoever has the largest snowman by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow wins immunity.  In the case of a tie, the person who threw the most sandballs will win immunity.  If that is a tie, then the person who had the least sandballs thrown at them wins immunity.  If no one can get to three spheres on their snowman, then no one will win immunity!

Good luck!

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