Hey guys!

This is it. Your entire games have led up to this moment, and this challenge very well may determine the winner of this game. Usually, you guys have to do an intense posting challenge for the final immunity, but this time, we're going to be doing something a bit different. This entire season has been based of of handling obstacles with your intellect and social skills, so this time around, you're gonna have to play smart rather than hard to win. Here's how the challenge is going to work.

The following quotes are by members of the jury during their stay in Ponderosa (including correspondence on documents with Kelly). It is your job to send me via e-mail who said what quotes. The person who gets the most quotes correct will win immunity. In the case of a tie, the winner will be randomly chosen. Some jurors may be used various times while others aren't used at all, so don't read into the challenge with "Oh, I think Bob said the last quote so he must not have said this one". A simple challenge, this will test your social analytical skills. Here are the quotes:

  1. "Disney movies are the only movies I enjoy watching. Does that make me like a five-year-old?"
  2. (after the final two twist was revealed) "IS IT A FINAL 2"
  3. "The first couple of episodes were ~eventful~ for me."
  5. "I'm willing and ready to rip him to shreds."
  6. "Imdb tricked me into thinking Betty White died xD I literally had a minor panic attack for a second"
  7. "I'm gonna apply for season 6 as Mona's eleven year old little brother."
  8. "My jury vote never really comes down to moves, I just want to vote for who I like more."
  9. "'Why in the world are you laughing like a drugged up version of Kevin?' IM SHOOK"
  10. "Omg I look like my 8th grade science teacher"
  11. "I also have a very evil laugh Like I legit cackle irl"
  12. "Omg Dan ❤️❤️❤️❤️"
  13. "You aint the storm -CrAcKlE-"
  14. "Damn it, Survivor, even when I try to be mad at you...I can't! :p "
  15. "Are you saying I WOULD'VE lost? Rude!!!"

I also recommend not reading into these quotes too much; I took them out of context on purpose so you couldn't deduce useful information.

Good luck!

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