Welcome to the reunion show, everyone. Thank you so much for participating in an amazing and enjoyable season, and I am so glad to have hosted a season with such great people.

Welcome back to the States, everyone. Aaron and Marie, you've waited a long time to get to these results, so I won't delay any longer. Are you guys ready to see it? (crowd cheers) Alright, let's do it.

First Vote...

...Marie. The crowed cheers and applauds in approval as Aaron smiles and pats Marie on the back.

...Marie. Marie tries to hide a smile, but one comes out anyway. The audience continues to applaud, some chanting her name.


...Marie. That's four votes Marie. Marie blushes.


...The Winner of Survivor: Dawn of the Storm...


Final vote tally: 10-0.

The crowd is all on their feet as Marie tries to retain her composure. She glances over, and on the sight of her family, bursts into tears of joy and runs towards them, hugging each and every one of them. Aaron and the jurors come out to give Marie their congratulations, as the camera pans back to Probst.

Probst: All I can say is...what a season. We had twenty true competitors fight to the death with move after move after move, and in the end, the Queen of Middle Management herself took the crown and survived the storm. We had blindsides, betrayals, lies, and mystery, all in one short season, so stick around for the reunion when we dig into this some more!

Congratulations, Marie, for winning in our first ever unanimous vote! Now that I can break my silence, I want to praise you for such the amazing game you did. I've had many thoughts on this season, ranging from agreeable to controversial to happy to sad to sweet to sassy, and I'll get the season documents up as well as my pre-game predictions. My signature end-of-season bullet points will also come up hopefully pretty soon, and I'll get the polls up for hero/villain/player of the season up later tonight.

In the mean time, let's have a fun end to the season; I can't wait to hear what you have to say!