Are you guys ready to see the rest of the cast?

Well, after staying up until 3 AM, I finally got everything downloaded so you can can see who made the cut. Enjoy!


Congratulations to Mya, Ale'Tia, Ezra, Mona, Marie, Harry, Gabriella, Jenni, Miles, and Zeebem for making your way into Dawn of the Storm! I'm excited to have each and every one of you play!

So, that means that we have 16 returnees and 4 new players (Aaron, Dylan, Megan, Zeebem) playing this season. The season will start on Thursday, December 16th, and until then, you're allowed to talk with whoever you'd like. More details about the start of the game and what you need to do to get things all ready to go will come out shortly, but in the mean time, once again I want to congratulate you guys - you're the cast of Survivor: Dawn of the Storm!