Hey guys!

For today's immunity challenge, you will be partaking in...the Survivor Auction!

You each will start with $500 dollars to bid on different items listed below. You may spend in increments of $20 dollars by saying "Bids x dollars" in the comment section below, and you're always free to change your mind on where you'd like to bid your money. However, if you change your mind, instead of editing your post just make a new post with the new amount you're bidding. In the case of a tie, the winner will be randomized.

So without further ado, here are the items!

Item #1 - Two key pieces of secret information in this game!

Item #2 - An extra jury vote!

Item #3 - Bat soup!...but is there a parchment hidden in there?

Item #4 - Individual immunity necklace!

Item #5 - A message to the jury!*

Item #6 - The silencer!**

*You will send one message to me ( that is directed at a specific jury member. That message can contain whatever you want, and I will send the message to the juror. That juror is then going to send me a message to bring to you; however, that message can only be one word. I emphasize that all of this must come through me and you cannot talk directly to the juror.

**You may choose to "silence" one person this next tribal council - that person will only be allowed to talk in the Floresta tribe chat and will not be allowed to talk to anyone privately. His/her vote will still be private.

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