Welcome to the final 6, castaways, and more importantly, welcome to the Survivor auction!

For the auction, the rules are simply.  You have 500 dollars that you can use in any way you'd like to bid on the following items:

Item #1 - Covered item!

Item #2 - Covered item!

Item #3 - An idol clue to a freshly hidden idol.

Item #4 - An extra vote that can be used at the next tribal council.

Item #5 - An extra jury vote, should you make it to the end.

Item #6 - A secret advantage in this game.

You must bid in increments of 20 dollars, and you are allowed to change where you put your money as much as you'd like.  If multiple people bid the same amount of money on a single item, then the item will be randomlt distributed to one of them.  The results will be tallied and the items distributed at 5 PM EST tomorrow.

Good luck!

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