Now, in case you haven't read the season page yet, all 21 of you will be starting on the same tribe in a twist called Anarchy! Instead of competing in tribes, it will be every man for themselves. At the Anarchy immunity challenges, a certain number of safe competitors will be chosen - I'll use 4 as a random example. In the immunity challenge, you will all be competing individually, and the top 4 competitors in the challenge will win immunity, be safe from tribal council, and not vote. Everyone else will be left vulnerable and will vote at the next tribal council.

However, if you'd like, you can roll the dice and choose to forfeit your chances at winning immunity by competing for an advantage right now! The winner of the challenge below will be able to choose between receiving an idol clue or receiving an extra vote at the next tribal council. All you have to do to forfeit your chances at immunity and compete in the challenge is post "I compete for Choices Galore" in the comment section below.

If you do choose to compete for Choices Galore, then you will compete in a simple challenge. In the comment section, simply post "Stacks blocks x feet high", x representing the amount of posts you have done to that point. After waiting at least fifteen minutes since your last post, you may post again. The person who has the highest block stack by 5 PM EST tomorrow will win the advantage in this game.

The link to the challenge tracker is here (as of the time of the post it's empty because no one has started yet, but it should be updated once/if anyone starts stacking blocks): 

Good luck, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask!

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