Ha ha ha. Hahahahaha! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *coughs and clears throat*


Erm, yes. Anyway. Congratulations on winning the challenge, Ale'Tia. You have chosen to activate the mystery! Thankfully for you, you will not suffer the consequences of what you have done. The same cannot be said for the rest of you...

You see, I'm not sure you guys have realized yet that this truly will be a test of your limits. I suppose I can go easy on you for now, but every time this mystery is activated, something more and more chaotic will occur. What shall I do this time, then?

Well, since many of you were just so eager to activate this mystery, I'm sure you'll be more than eager to find out that One World is no more. That's right; from this point on, thanks to Ale'Tia, you may not talk to anyone who is not on your tribe during the current rotation. If you do break this rule on purpose, there will be harsh consequences. If I rule that you broke this rule on accident, then you will still punish your tribe in the upcoming immunity challenge by giving them a disadvantage. This means that it's in all of your best interests to make sure you and your tribe members don't do any cheating, accidentally or otherwise.

But, of course, I made a promise; Ale'Tia "will benefit more than anyone else" from this. So, while everyone else is forced only to talk to people on their tribe, Ale'Tia is allowed to talk to whoever she wants whenever she wants, regardless of tribe. For you, Ale'Tia, life will go on as usual.

Anyway, it's time to carry on to the immunity challenge. The rains are pouring down and the winds are thrashing around your shelter, but we'll have to see who can weather the first wave of this storm.

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