A side note before I get into this; Kelly's google hangouts are not working nor is her g-mail account, so the best way to reach her is to create a Google Document with, and you guys can type up conversations there. Be sure to attach me to them, and hopefully this'll be a nice compromise so she can play the game completely with y'all!


Kelly has officially won the Mystery Challenge, and she has activate the mystery! One world wasn't chaotic enough for you? You just thought, "Meh, that's not gonna satisfy me"? I was going nice on you guys, I didn't want to scare all of you out of the gate, but it seems no one learned the simple lesson that you do not want to provoke the monster that is the storm. Very well.

From this point until the next mystery is activated, all votes must be publicly cast in your tribe chat. You can send it whenever you'd like before the deadline, but any votes not cast in the tribe thread will not count; you may also choose to change your vote as much as you'd like. Of course, Kelly doesn't need to abide by these rules. Since, if everyone else's votes are known publicly, everyone could deduce what Kelly's vote is, unless Kelly's vote influences the way the vote went, her vote will be kept secret. Example: If it is a 6-3 vote with Kelly as one of the 6, I will reveal the votes as 5-3-?, no one knowing what Kelly's vote is. However, if the vote is 5-4 with Kelly as one of the 5, I will have to reveal her vote because it decided the outcome of tribal.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and good luck, castaways.

You can't say I didn't warn you...

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