Welcome, Rakhine, to your second immunity challenge.

Today's challenge is called Friend or Foe.

Each person starts with five lives. You may either gain lives by saying "Gains a life" or steal a life by saying "Steals a life" from someone else. By gaining a life, you give yourself an extra life, while by stealing a life you give yourself a life and take a life away from someone else. If you choose to gain a life, you must wait ten minutes since your last post. If you choose to steal a life, you must wait fifteen minutes since your last post. While no one will be eliminated if they go down to no lives, once someone is at no lives no one can steal any more lives from them.

The three people with the most lives by 5:00 PM EST tomorrow will be immune from tribal council! That means that sixteen of you will be going to tribal council!

In the case of a tie for lives, the person who got to their total first will win. If one person stole a life from someone else to make those two tie, then the person who stole the life will win immunity.  If there is any other scenario which would not apply to that rule, the winner will be determined randomly.

Here is a google document with results that will be updated as much as possible:

Mark may not participate due to participating in the Choices Galore challenge, which means he will go to tribal council tonight.

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