Oops, did I say "Choices Galore" in the title?  What I really mean is, it's time to drop your buffs!

Yes, it's official; anarchy is no more. The tribe names and tribe colors will be announced once the tribes are chosen, but for now, you may refer to them as Mona's tribe, Mya's tribe, and Star's tribe! Mona, Mya, and Star, because you three won the last immunity challenge, not only were you immune from last night's tribal, but you also are going to be picking your tribes! Here's how it's going to work:

Over the next 24 hours, you will send me a list, privately through g-mail, in order from 1-15 of who you want on your tribe. You will rank all 15 castaways (ignoring the captains), and the ones you rank closest to 1 are the ones you want the most, while the ones you rank closest to 15 are the ones you want the least. After I receive all three lists (even if it's before the 24 hours are over), I will reveal the tribes. They will be chosen by having Mona pick her first tribemate (because she was first in the challenge) based on her list, then Mya will pick her first tribemate (because she was second), and then Star will pick her first tribemate. Then the cycle will repeat with Mona picking her second tribemate, until all three tribes of six have been chosen. Those will be your new tribes!

There is no Choices Galore this cycle because of the new tribes, but this is a one-time exception.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask below!

For Mona's first pick, she chooses Zane!

For Mya's first pick, she chooses Richard!

For Star's first pick, she chooses Sami!

For Mona's second pick, she chooses Miles!

For Mya's second pick, she chooses Carnelian!

For Star's second pick, she chooses Ezra!

For Mona's third pick, she chooses Stephanie!

For Mya's third pick, she chooses Whitney!

For Star's third pick, she chooses Kyna!

For Mona's fourth pick, she chooses Kevin!

For Mya's fourth pick, she chooses Mark!

For Star's fourth pick, she chooses Evan!

For Mona's final pick, she chooses Tayne!

For Mya's final pick, she chooses Elmo!

For Star's final pick, she chooses Ryan!

Mona, your tribe will be called Pagan, and your tribal color will be orange.

Mya, your tribe will be called Tango, and your tribal color will be blue.

Star, your tribe will be called Konbaung, and your tribal council will be green.

Even though you are on separate tribes, you still may talk to one another! Good luck, and have fun on your new tribes!


Kevin, Miles, Mona, Stephanie, Tayne, and Zane.


Carnelian, Elmo, Mark, Mya, Richard, and Whitney.


Evan, Ezra, Kyna, Ryan, Sami, and Star.