Zeebem has won the Mystery challenge, and he has activate the mystery!

Let me get this straight, guys. We've had three opportunities to take the mystery so far, and you've taken...ALL of them? I thought this group would be intense, but this intense? Even I'm surprised. Well, let's start with the good news; votes will no longer be publicized, like I promised. Of course, like I warned you before, every time you activate this mystery, something more and more chaotic will happen. In the spirit of chaos, from this point on, you can no longer privately talk with anyone on your tribe. Instead, in a complete reversal, you can only privately talk with people from the other tribe!

Here's how that will work; group chats are only permitted if they contain at least one person from a different tribe than everyone else. What is no longer permitted is any chat that only has people from the same tribe on it, except for the public tribe chat. This mystery will only be active until the next mystery is activated, in which case it will disappear.

This also means that the previous mystery where one world disappeared is no longer in place. You can talk to people from the opposite tribe as much as you'd like now! Ale'Tia's advantage is still in play, though. She can talk to whoever she'd like from either tribe without a penalty, and since Zeebem won the challenge, he gets the same advantage.

But, in the spirit of giving, what if you really need to talk to someone privately from your tribe? That's perfectly okay, but for every chat you create with only people from your tribe, everyone who posts in that chat (on purpose) will receive a vote at the next tribal council. Sao if you create 5 chats with people from only your tribe, you will receive 5 votes at your next tribal council. Make sense?

If I determine you accidentally posted in the wrong chat and didn't mean to do that, instead of receiving a vote at tribal you'll incur a penalty for your tribe in the next challenge.

As always, I'm sure there will be questions, so be sure to ask. Good luck, castaways.

(I also hope you're starting to catch on to a theme, hint hint)

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