Hi guys!

The mystery challenge has been finished and Zeebem has won it; I will post the results of that mystery challenge shortly.

For today's challenge, we'll be dong something a bit different from the normal posting challenges.  In this challenge, you will have to use your brain instead of your fingers to win this.  Here's how it will work.

There will be a panel of three anonymous judges that I have chosen from outside of this game (none of whom know any of you, so there is no bias).  You will be creating some of the following for them; a custom theme song for this season, a tribe flag (ex: the merge tribe flags that are shown being painted in the show), or an unspecified craft involving Survivor (it could be anything from tribe buffs to a season logo to a sketch of a Survivor beach, it's really up to you - you just cannot use anything created already, like the buffs or season logo that Ezra has created for example).  You may pick to send one or two of these three things, and if you send two I will take the average score the judges give back.  They will be judging you from 1 to 10 based on creativity, aesthetic (or musical for the theme song) appeal, and the overall design of the creation.  The most important area they will judge you on is creativity.  This must be something you youself have created, though it can use pieces of any existing things.  I will check to make sure no plagiarism is committed, but I cannot spy all cheating so opposting tribes are encourage to also look into this.  Any incidents of cheating will result in automatic disqualification for the tribe in the challenge.  You may post your creations below in the comment section once your tribe has decided on what you'd like to submit.

However, I understand there are some people (like me) that have no business in an artsy challenge like this.  So we'll add a small twist; all the creations must be posted in the comment ection before 9 AM EST tomorrow morning.  I will give from then until 5:30 PM EST for members of the opposing tribe to critique the creations of each tribe.  The judges will see these critiques and factor them into the score, so the better your critisicms of the other tribe's creations are, the better you'll do!

EDIT: The tribe as a whole will post one or two creations in the comment section below, not each person on the tribes.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be a few questions, and this is a new challenge for the DORG universe, so I'm excited to see how it will work out.

Good luck, castaways!

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