Welcome to the bazaar! Thimphu, getting your first look at the new Zhemgang tribe, Chris voted out at the last tribal council. Here are some reminders:

You can curse yourself. You do this by commenting below, which is called a sacrifice. You have 3 viable sacrifices. The first is the default. You comment you want to get a vote cast towards you at the next tribal, in return you earn 3 points. Then there is the more intense way, You say you want 2 votes cast towards you at the next tribal, and that gets you 6 points. The third option is to give your whole tribe a disadvantage at the next immunity challenge, that will get you 10 points.

You may only redeem one of these per Bazaar day. You may also only buy one thing on a bazaar day. Bazaar items MAY vary. Meaning some times items will not be there. So be wary.

Shop Item Price Description
Luck 20 points Give you better odds in the Mystery Raffle.
Tribal Advantage 25 points Gives your tribe a slight advantage in a challenge.
Mystery Raffle 25 points A raffle to give you an advantage or disadvantage in the game.
Bad Luck 35 points Gives your target worse odds in the Mystery Raffle.
Money Rain 50 points Spread some love to everyone in the game!
Idol Clue 50 points A clue to the immunity idol.
Bankrupt 50 points Remove 20 points from someone's bank account.
Grave Robber 60 points Steals all currency from an eliminated contestant
Vote Negate 65 points Negate's 2 votes from you at the next tribal you attend.
Immunity Nullifier 70 points You may cast this on any immunity necklace
or idol before the votes are revealed.
Individual Advantage 75 points An secret individual advantage in the game
that will benefit you in some form.
Immunity Locket 80 points Individual immunity at the next tribal council you attend
Transfer Currency 10+(#) points For a fee of 10 points, transfer any amount
of currency you have to a player of your choice.

Items cannot be sold! Once they are in your property, you must keep them! No refunds.

This is important to note; some people may have more points than from what you know from challenges/sacrifices. These are called miscellaneous points, and are earned through specific tasks that will not be revealed, all based around positive gameplay. So if you see someone with more points than you know about, it's probably not a mistake.

Contestant Points
Rosalyna 100
Natalie 72
Andrew 62
Asuna 60
Jenni 57
Joey 42
Zepher 37
Ale'Tia 32
Britney 21
Romeo 17
Harry 15
Rhodanna 2
Melissa 0

Grave Points
Chris: 42
Marty: 30
Niaho: 50
Gregory: 45
Seb: 35
Zypker: 15

I would also like to apologize for the confusion that came from last immunity challenge; we want to make things as enjoyable and clear for you, and will continue to focus on that in future challenges.