Welcome to Tribal Council, Konbaung and Taungoo.

You have until 5:00 PM EST tomorrow to cast your vote to The tribal council questions are optional but strongly recommended, and if you answer a question there is a chance I will ask you a follow-up question.

To All: With murmurings of a merge coming up, how important is this vote? As the tribes get smaller, how is strategy changing for you?

To All: Every single vote up until this point has been unanimous or near-unanimous - will tonight be the same or will it be more divided? Why?

Taungoo: Since tribes were formed, you've lost half of your members. Does that bring you closer together as a tribe or bring you farther apart? Do you think you will more likely be plucked off or fly under the radar?

Konbaung: With the most members of any tribe, what are the tribal dynamics like in your tribe? Is it one big family, or are there more divisions then it would seem?

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now owuld be the time to do so.

Star: Yeah, about that...

Star stands up, takes out a hidden immunity idol, and hands it to Jeff, playing it on herself.

Probst: This is a real hidden immunity idol.  Any votes cast against Star will not count.

Whitney: In that case, I'd like to play this on Ezra!

Whitney walks up to Probst with her own hidden immunity idol and plays it on Ezra.

Probst: This is a real hidden immunity idol.  Any votes cast against Ezra will not count. I will now read the votes.

...Star. Does not count...

...Star. Does not count...


...Richard. That's two votes Richard...


...8th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Myanmar and the 1st Member of the Jury...


[The final vote was 4-0, with two voided votes cast for Star.]

[The below is filler. Do not read into it.]

Richard raises his eyebrows but otherwise remains composed as he grabs his torch. Some of the others can be seen confused while others smile triumphantly. Richard has his torched snuff before silently saving toe the rest of the castaways and walking away.

As you might have seen, Richard is the first member of the jury! That means that he, as well as everyone else still in the game, has made the jury stage, Congratulations!

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