Congratulations on making it to the merge, everyone!

For your first post-merge individual immunity challenge, you'll be playing a chain game! Here's how it'll work:

One person will start the chain (selected randomly). That person will say "I pass the chain to _______", picking the name of another castaway to pass it to (who hasn't already been passed to). That second castaway will then pass the chain to someone else, and that cycle will continue until ten out of the twelve people have been passed to. The remaining two people not to have a chain passed to them will be eliminated from the challenge.

Then, the tenth person to receive the chain will start again and pass to someone else still in, and that cycle will repeat. This time, only 8 out of 10 will survive the round, with the last two being eliminated. Then, the 8th person will repeat the game until 6 out of 8 are left, then until 4 of 6 are left, and then until 2 out of 4 are left.

At the point that two people are left, the person who had the chain passed to them the quickest overall will win (so for example, if one person was passed the chain to 1st every time, they will win against someone who was passed the chain an average of 5th every time). If we do not get down to that point, then the person who on average was passed the chain the earliest overall at 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity. If there's still a tie between people, then the person who was passed the chain most recently will win.

If you take more than two hours to pass the chain once you have received it, you will automatically be eliminated. has chosen Romeo to start the first chain!

Good luck!

EDIT: If someone is eliminated for taking too long to pass the chain, then they will count as one of the two people to be eliminated (so in the first round, for example, only the 12th person to be passed to will be eliminated).  The chain will be randomly passed from the eliminated person to someone else.

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