Welcome to the final four tribal council, and congratulations on immunity, Natalie!

Votes are due by 5:30 PM EST/2:30 PM PST tomorrow. Answering tribal council questions is highly encouraged but not mandatory, and there is a chance you'll be asked a follow-up question.

To All: This is the last vote before the Final 3! What is your plan to ensure that you make it out of tonight alive and into a final three that you can win in?

Ale'Tia: With so few people left in the game, are the lines clear? Is there a clear target for who's going home tonight? If not, why is it still murky at this late stage in the game?

Joey: Out of everyone in the final four, you're the only one to receive votes (that weren't nullified by an immunity idol). Do you think you'll get votes tonight? Are you confident that you'll make it to the end?

Natalie: With immunity, you can basically do whatever you want tonight and not pay the consequences now that you're guaranteed a spot in the Final 3. How has not having to worry about staying in affected how you're playing?

Zepher: Who do you think has the best shot of winning this game? Who do you think has the worst shot?

Probst: I will now read the votes.



17th Person Voted Out and the Final member of the jury.


[The Below is Filler]

Joey covers his mouth in dismay, he angrily stands up, but understands his fate. His torch is snuffed as he leaves the tribal council area the final three exhale in relief.

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