Hello, final 5!  There is no more Solitude Isle, and no more Temptation twist, so let's get straight to the immunity challenge.

For today's immunity challenge, you'll be playing a trivia game.  There's one question per every two hours, one for 8-10 PM EST, one for 10-12 AM EST, etc.  Only the current question for that hour can be answered, and it must be answered correctly.  If it's answered correctly, you will gain a point, if not, you'll lose a point.  The first person to post the answer to the trivia questino for that hour will win a point.  The person with the most points by 8 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity.  The trivia questions are below:

8-10 PM Question: What player was absent throughout the game, and showed up one day late, after their elimination?

10-12 AM Question: How many players have taken the Temptation throughout this game?

12-2 AM Question: How many idols have been played in this game?

2-4 AM Question: What player flipped on their alliance, pre-merge, only to be voted out at the next tribal council?

4-6 AM Question: What player wrote about being medevac'd in the first immunity challenge?

6-8 AM Question: What player never sent a single e-mail on their g-mail account, but made it to at least the tribe switch (Note: This person had to have had a g-mail account, player's who don't have one don't count)?

8-10 AM Question: What player played an idol on the wrong person and was voted out as a result?

10-12 PM Question: What player was never voted out, but yet isn't in the final 5?

12-2 PM Question: What two players from the Atafu tribe suppoesedly had a showmance in this game?

2-4 PM Question: What player had the first episode title of the game?

4-6 PM Question: How many players have been voted out on either a re-vote, or in a vote with at least 3 people who received votes?

6-8 PM Question: What player took the extra jury vote in a certain challenge?

Bonus Question: Who is going to be the winner of Survivor: Tokelau? 

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