35 days ago, 18 everyday Americans began the adventure of a lifetime in the most exotic of places, Tokelau.  13 have gone, and now only 5 remain.

Jacob.  Jacob started this game quietly, on the mostly winning Atafu tribe.  He continued to be able to lay low come the tribe switch, but once the merge hit, his game started, and he's been swinging since.  He has fought his way to get into the final 5, but will this late bloomer be able to earn the jury's respect?

Lynn.  Lynn also started on the Atafu tribe, though her game started with the blindside of her closest ally, Char.  Since then, she's been looking for revenge, and has often been on the wrong side of the numbers.  She's been able to stay alive from being in the minority, but will this underdog be seen as too big of a threat?

Rachael.  Rachael came into this game with loyalty on her mind.  Through thick and thin, she has stuck to her allies, and it has led her this far.  But, with the finals drawing near, the window of oppurtunity to make moves tightens, and will Rachael be able to make her mark on this game before it's too late?

Sandra.  From Day 1, Sandra was forced to play the game, on the Fakaofo tribe.  She was also part of the new Nukunonu tribe, part of two of the biggest blindsides of the season.  Since then, she has become a force to be reckoned with, but lately, her position in this game has been challenged.  Will she be able to hang on and go to the win?

Zach.  The last remaining member of the Nukunonu tribe, Zach has found himself from the swing vote to the chopping block, but has been able to dodge all the bullets sent at him to land him a seat in the Final 5.  Will he be able to keep this up, or will the game finally catch up to him?

Tune in to the Survivor finale, with three tribal councils, two eliminations, and ONE Survivor!

(The Finale will be going on straight for the next few days.  The immunity challenge will start tomorrow with tribal council immediately after, and the final immunity challenge immediately after that.  If the challenges/tribal council's finish early, then the challenge/tribal council that comes after that will start immediately.)

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