A rumble is heard in the distance. You're not sure what it is, where it is coming from, but it sounds...strangely familiar...

Welcome to tribal council, and congratulations on immunity, Romeo.

Votes are due by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow to Questions are not mandatory but are highly encouraged, and there is the chance you'll receive a follow-up question.

Also, an important note: Idols can be used up through the Final 5.

To All: A concept I found interesting when I played a short while ago was the idea that there were two different ways to win; the first way is by being better than the people next to you in the final tribal council, and the second way is being better than everyone and just making it to the final tribal council. Which method is more successful, and which strategy are you deploying, if any?

Aaron: With seven left, you're one of the few newbies to come into the game, and yet you're here. What have you done right to get this far, and what must you do to win this game?

Ezra: Are you feeling more anxious to get to the end as the days go on, or are you starting to become accustomed to losing someone every two nights? What is the emotional toll of voting out someone tribal after tribal?

Marie: In Survivor, we often focus on the big blindsides, on the tribals where huge threats are taken out. Is that's what happening, or are some of the bigger threats able to slide by through their social connections? Will they slide by tonight?

Megan: Early on in the game, many labels were placed on you (along with everyone else): "Unpopular", "Newbie", etc. Have these labels affected your game, or have you pushed past these labels to make your own mark on this game? How?

Miles: What is better to get rid of, an annoyance or a threat? Do you think tonight it will be an annoyance or a threat, or both?

Romeo: You won immunity tonight and are automatically in the final 6 tonight, no way around it. What are you going to do in the final stretch of the game, with only 3 potential more tribals to get out? Are you nervous or invigorated?

Zeebem: 7 are left in this game. SEVEN! Are you proud of how far you've come, or are you going to push harder before you celebrate?

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: I will now read the votes.


...Aaron. One vote Zeebem, one vote Aaron...


...Aaron. Two votes Zeebem, two votes Aaron...


...13th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Dawn of the Storm and the 6th Member of the Jury...


Final vote tally: 5-2.

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