Congratulations on making it to the final eight, everyone!  

For your next immunity challenge, you will be tile stealing!

Here's how it will work:

You may post "Takes tile ___" in the comment section below, the blank being filled in with the coordinates of one of the spots (notice how the columns are labeled 1-7 and the rows A-F, so a coordinate would be A3/F2/C8, etc.).  If the spot you claim for yourself is unoccupied, then you may post that fifteen minutes after your last post.  However, if the spot IS occupied by someone else, you must wait thirty minutes since your last post to take the tile.

It's important that you keep aware of the comments, because while Aishia and I will update as frequently as possible, there will be times throughout the day where the google form is not updated.

Whoever has the most tiles by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity!  In the case of a tie, whoever has the most connected tiles will win.  If there's still a tie, whoever stole a tile last will win.  Good luck.

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