Welcome to tribal council, and congratulations on immunity, Marie.

Y'all know the drill, let's get to questions.

To All: What do you have to say to the jurors as your case for why they should not nullify your vote tonight?

Aaron: With only two more vote-offs before the Final Tribal Council, in wha ways are you trying to beef up your resume for the jurors, if at all?

Ezra: If you had to rank yourself compared to the three players next to you, would you say you're the most likely to win a Final Tribal council, second most likely, second least likely, or least likely? Why?

Marie: For tonight, you have a huge amount of power. How do you carry that power into the final three, when you'll need to protect yourself once again?

Megan: Why is the person who's going home tonight going home? What's your personal biggest criteria in this vote?

Probst: What has the jury decided to do?

Ryan (standing up): The jury has decided to nullify Aaron's vote.

Probst: Very well. Aaron, your vote will not be read. I will now reveal the votes.


...Ezra. One vote Aaron, one vote Ezra...

...16th Person Voted Out and the 9th Member of the Jury...


Final vote tally: 2-1.

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