Welcome, final 4, to your final immunity challenge!  You are one tribal council away from being able to pled your case to the jury that you have been voting out.

For today's immunity challenge, you have been randomly grouped into pairings.  Lynn will be facing off against Zach while Jacob will be facing off against Sandra.  The two in your group will be in a sumo ring, and must knock the other person off using your pillow-boards.  You do this by posting "Shoves X".  If you can post that three times in a row, each post at least 30 minutes apart, you will knock the opponent off.  However, your opponent may counter you by saying the same thing, and if they do that twice in a row, with their posts at least 30 minutes apart, then they will catch you off-guard and knock you off.  This pattern will repeat until one person is knocked off.  Then, the winner's from the two pairings will face off in a championship round, where the winner will win final immunity.

Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor.

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