Welcome to tribal council, and congratulations on immunity, Marie.

Tonight, instead of questions, I will simply give Aaron and Megan a platform here to plead their case to Marie for why she should take them to the finals. Marie, I do ask that (unless Aaron and Megan take an excessively long time) you wait to hear their pleas before you send in your vote, and as usual, you have until 5:30 PM EST tomorrow. This could be a million-dollar decision tonight, so I wish all three of you good luck.

You're at the end of the line, and two of you will escape the storm and live to tell about it. This game may have been the dawn of the storm, but tonight is the eve of the game.

Probst: I will now reveal the votes.

...17th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Dawn of the Storm and the 10th and Final Member of the Jury...


Final Vote Tally: 1-0.

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