Welcome to your final 5 immunity challenge!

For today's challenge, you'll be going to three different sections, name Air, Earth, Fire, Ice, and Water. You will go to each station by posting "Goes to the ______ station". You cannot go to a station with someone already at it, so be sure to check the comment section for this. After you go to each station, you may grab a flag by posting "Grabs flag". After you're done with that, you must say "Goes back to the beginning" before you can head over to your next station. All posts must be at least fifteen minutes apart. Someone is at a station until they post "goes back to the beginning", so you must wait for that until you can move to that station.

You cannot go to a station twice until you have gone to all other stations (Ex: If I came back from getting my first flag at the water station, I must go to each of the other four stations first before I can go to water again). If you are at a station and take more than two hours before you leave, someone else is allowed to move in. This is to stop someone from hogging a station and making sure no one else can get to it.

Whoever has the most flags by 5 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity. In the case of a tie, the person who grabbed their last flag first will win immunity.

If you have an questions, be sure to ask. Good luck!

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