Welcome to your second immunity challenge of the game!

Before we get started, it's time to announce the picks from Lille Verden to receive the advantage and disadvantage.  Congratulations to Gabriella, you have received the advantage!  On the other hand, unfortunately for John, you have received the disadvantage.  I will send you what your advantage/disadvantage are later today.

For today's immunity challenge, you will be fighting directly against one another. Once per hour, you may post "Attacks (insert player name here)". The player you attack has thirty minutes to respond to your comment (they can say whatever they want). If they don't respond in that time, they will lose a life. If they do, than the attacker will lose a life. Everyone participating has two lives, and once you lose both of your lives you're out of the challenge and cannot attack anyone anymore. The last tribe left with members left wins immunity. If both tribes don't lose all of it's members lives, then the tribe with the most collective lives from it's players will win immunity. In the case of a tie, the tribe who lost a life most recently will win.

The challenge will end at 5 PM EST tomorrow if it doesn't end earlier. Udspille, you have five extra members, and has chosen Aishia/Petrus/Jaxon/Matt/John to sit out of the challenge.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

Briana: Eliminated.
Crystal: Eliminated.
Gabriella: Eliminated.
Hudson: 1 life.
Marie: Eliminated.
Sarah: Eliminated.

Gregg: Eliminated.
Iris: Eliminated.
Jessica: 1 life.
Jet: Eliminated.
Maeva: Eliminated.
Taras: Eliminated.

If you notice any mistakes, be sure to let me know.

P.S. It looks as if this challenge could end early.  While the results may be tallied up early, it is likely that tribal council will be posted at the normal time.

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