Welcome to your third immunity challenge!  View the season page to see the current tribe formations.

Today's immunity challenge is...individual! That's right, both tribes will be going to tribal council, and both tribes will be voting someone to send to Lille Verden! That means that the immunity challenge will be individual, and one member from each tribe will win immunity.

Here's how the immunity challenge will work. You will be attempting to spell out the word "IMMUNITY" in the comments; the twist is, you can only post one letter at a time (First "I", then "M', etc.) in separate comments. You must wait at least 15 minutes between posts if you are on Mytteri and 5 minutes if you are on Udspille, and for cleanliness's sake, please respond to your first comment with each new letter you post. However, you are allowed to stop a player from spelling out "Immunity" (only from your tribe) by posting "Stops (name of person)". That will stop the person from spelling "immunity" and will cause them to have to start over. By 5 PM EST tomorrow, the person who can spell out "Immunity" or get the closest to it from each tribe will win immunity.  In the cast of a tie, whoever reached the number of letter's first wins immunity.

As far as advantages/disadvantages go, Aishia was given the advantage and John was given the disadvantage. A rule has been placed to keep the game fair; you may not give someone three straight advantages/disadvantages in a row. That way, one person cannot be "spammed" with constant disadvantages/advantages. So, in this case, John cannot be given the disadvantage next round.

Anyway, good luck, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask!

Note: Guys, in the future, please start a new comment series when you have been stopped and are starting a new chain.  It keeps things much cleaner.  Thanks.

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