Welcome to your fourth immunity challenge!

For today's immunity will be fighting against your own tribemates! That's right, today's challenge is individual, because BOTH tribes will be going to tribal council tonight and will be voting someone out.

Because this challenge is individual, the tribal advantages bought by Britney and Chris will translate into individual advantages for themselves in this challenge. Andrew and Zepher have also received an advantage for today's individual immunity challenge through the mystery raffle.

For today's challenge, you will be trying to earn the most points on your tribe. You may post once every hour, saying "I steal a point from ________", filling in the name of your target (who must be on your tribe) in the blank. They will lose a point and you will gain a point as a result of this. However, you cannot steal points from someone with zero points (duh!). You all start with five points (except for those with advantages, who start with 7), and the person from each tribe who has the most points by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win individual immunity. If there is a tie between multiple players, the player who stole the most points will win. If it's still a tie, then the person who stole the latest point will win immunity.

Here's the google document which will (hopefully) have updated results throughout the challenge:

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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