Welcome to your sixth immunity challenge.

For this immunity challenge, you'll be playing a game of dodgeball! Here's how it will work.

At any point in this challenge, you can post "Throws dodgeball at (name of person)" in the comment section below. This person must not be on your tribe. That person will have two hours to respond to your post and reply to your post; if they are able to dodge it within one hour, they can post "Catches dodgeball" and take the person who threw the dodgeball at them out. If they post in the second hour, they can simply say "Catches Dodgeball", and no one gets out. If they don't post within two hours, the dodgeball automatically hits them, and that person is out. Each person has three lives, which means you will take three hits to be eliminated. You may only throw a dodgeball at one person at a time until that ball has either been caught or hit the target. Once you lose all three lives, you can no longer throw a dodgeball.

However, if you choose to do so, you may post "protects (name of person)", and any balls thrown at that person for the next two hours can be caught by you. However, if you do not catch a ball thrown at the person you protect, the ball will hit you instead and you will lose a life.  If you choose to protect someone who has a ball currently being thrown at them, you may catch it (as long as it's been less than two hours), though no matter what, the person who threw it will not lose a life as a result (even if you caught it within the first hour). Each person in the challenge may only use this once for one of their tribe members.  You cannot do this if you have been eliminated. Here's the link to the challenge document that will updated throughout the day:

Asuna, Chris, Jenni, and Rhodanna have gotten tribal advantages for their tribes. Each of these players will start out with two extra lives, which will help their tribe.

Whichever tribe knocks out the most people by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity.  If there is a tie, the tribe with the most collective lives left will win.  If there is still a tie, then the tribe that knocked out the last person will win immunity. Good luck!

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