Welcome to your sixth immunity challenge! View the season page to see the current tribe formations.

Today's immunity challenge is...individual! That's right, for the second time in this game, we are going to have a double tribal council, where one member from two different tribes will be voted off. However, since Mytteri has only one member (Sarah), according to the 2-or-less rule, she is automatically immune, which means that the two tribes in Udspille/Beskytte will be voting someone out tonight.

For today's immunity challenge, you will publicly post in the comment section below one of three choices, by saying "I choose Option 1", "I choose Option 2", or "I choose Option 3". Option 1 will give your tribe an advantage in the next immunity challenge and everyone else on your tribe an advantage but you will incur a penalty in doing this. Option 2 will give your tribe/tribemates no advantage but you will also receive no disadvantage. Option 3 will give you an advantage in the individual immunity challenge today but will cause every other member of your tribe to incur the same penalty as if they chose Option 1 (which will be added on to whatever disadvantage/advantage they get by their own choice).

If only one person on a tribe chooses Option 3, that person will win immunity. If multiple people choose Option 3, then a random draw will decide which person wins immunity. If no one chooses Option 3, then no one from that tribe will win immunity.  

The advantage people receive as a result of Option 1 and Option 3 do not pertain to challenges.  That is also applicable to individual disadvantages.  Also, you may not change your option once you have posted.

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask, and good luck!

Sarah will not participate in this challenge because she is immune. Even though Udspille has an extra member, because this is individual there will be no sit-outs.

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