First off, thank you guys for bearing with my scheduling conflict, I'm thankful for your cooperation and general good attitude towards the whole thing.

Also, while I posted the tribal council votes in the tribe chat on hangouts, they have not yet been posted here, so if you're a commentator or someone else viewing the season I'll try to get the voting results up for you ASAP.  Anyway, onto the results.

Ankara had all of their members eliminated; John was the only one to be eliminated from Sivas.  Congratulations, Sivas, you have won immunity!  Unfortunately, Natalie, that means that you have been the 6th person voted out of Survivor: Turkey.  But wait, you're not completely out yet!  The jury has officially started, and Natalie is the first member of it!  I look forward to having you as a deciding factor in the game's conclusion. :)

Anywho, the next thread will be up shortly.

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