Welcome to your seventh immunity challenge, and congratulations on making it to the final 13!

For today's challenge, you have to beat the meat!

At various points throughout the challenge, Aishia or I will post "_ and _, beat the meat!" Those two blanks will be filled by two numbers ranging from 1 to 6, each corresponding with one member of each tribe. The numbers will be randomly chosen. If you want to see what number you are, check the document link at the bottom of this post.

What you must do when that post is made is, if you are one of the numbers called, reply "I beat the meat!" three times, each time at least fifteen minutes apart, before someone from the other tribe does it three times themselves. If you or the other person from your tribe post it three times the fastest, then you will earn one point for your tribe.

While you or your fellow tribe member may be posting at the same time, you must post "I beat the meat!" individually three times, not by swapping posts with your tribe member (Ex: #1 from Zhemgang posts, then fifteen imunutes later #3 posts for Zhemgang and then fifteen minutes later #1 posts again; that would not count as three posts because you must do it individually). The tribe with the most points by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win.

Thimphu has one extra member, and Asuna has been randomly chosen to sit out. Zhemgang has a tribal advantage (they bought two while Thimphu bought one, so 2-1=1), and they will start with two extra points as their advantage.

Good luck!

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