Welcome to your seventh immunity challenge! View the season page to see the current tribe formations.

Today's immunity challenge is...individual! Because both Mytteri and Beskytte have two members, by the 2-or-less rule, they are automatically immune from tonight's vote. That means that Udspille is automatically going to tribal council, and you will be competing for individual immunity.

For today's immunity challenge, you will be doing an immunity challenge that was seen earlier at Lille Verden. In this, you are trying to balance yourself on a platform above water, with two ropes holding you up. You each have three chops you can use, by saying "I chop (inster player name here)'s rope" in the comment section below. If both of your ropes are chopped, you fall into the water and are out of the challenge.

Meanwhile, you are also posting "Balances on platform" in the comment section below (and please do so by responding to your original comment, so we can keep things orderly). You must wait fifteen minutes after your last post to say "Balances on platform" again (if you spot another castaways cheating, simply notify me, preferably with proof in the form of a screenshot, and the post will be negated). The castaway who posts "balances on platform" the most while still having at least one of their ropes unchopped will win immunity. If one of your two ropes are chopped, the amount of balancing posts you do will be halved when I count them up (with an odd number I will round up).

In the case of a tie, the castaway who got to the number of posts for balancing first will win immunity.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages that were in play last immunity challenge will come into play this immunity Challenge. Since Aishia/Jaxon/Marie/Sarah are immune, the disadvantage that they acquired (sans Jaxon) will not come into effect. For the rest of you, it will come into effect. For Hudson/Jet/Petrus, who have one disadvantage from last challenge, you will only have two chops to use in this challenge. For Maeva/Taras/Jessica, who received two disadvantages, you will only have one chop to use in this challenge. The challenge will end at 5 PM EST tomorrow.

As far as advantages and disadvantages go (from Lille Verden), Hudson has received the advantage while Aishia received the disadvantage.

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