Welcome to your eighth immunity challenge! View the season page to see the current tribe formations.

Today's immunity challenge is one from Tokelau. You will be completing a very simple task: build a ladder as high as you can to reach the top. The way you will do this is by saying "Builds ladder 1 foot high". The next person on your tribe would say "Builds ladder 2 feet high", etc. Your goal is to reach 50 feet by 5 PM EST tomorrow, when the challenge ends. Sounds simple? Well, the trick is, you cannot post twice in a row, or even once every other post, meaning that you have to wait two post after your latest post between each post, or else it won't count. Also, at points throughout the day, I will say "A giant wind blows the ladders over, breaking them!" This will completely destroy your ladder, meaning you'll have to start completely over. How can you solve this? Well, if you choose to do so for your tribe, you can say "Protects ladder from the wind", which will effectively protect your ladder from the upcoming wind gust. You cannot build your ladder any more after this until I post with the wind blowing over, but your ladder will be completely stable and not lose any feet. These wind gusts are pre-determined and will only occur twice throughout the challenge, but you still want to be careful if you don't want all your work to be for nothing! The first tribe to 50 feet by 5 PM EST tomorrow, or the tribe closest to it, will win immunity.

Udspille has one extra member, and Petrus has been randomly selected to sit out.

As far as advantages and disadvantages go (from Lille Verden), the disadvantage has been discontinued, meaning only an advantage will be given out. There was a tie, and has chosen Hudson to win the advantage from the tie. Congratulations, Hudson!

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