Welcome to your ninth immunity challenge! View the season page to see the current tribe formations.

For this immunity challenge, you'll be playing a game of dodgeball! Here's how it will work.

At any point in this challenge, you can post "Throws dodgeball at (name of person)" in the comment section below. This person must not be on your tribe. That person will have two hours to respond to your post and reply to your post, if they are able to dodge it within one hour, they can post "Catches dodgeball" and take the person who threw the dodgeball at them out. If they post in the second hour, they can simply say "Catches Dodgeball", and no one gets out. If they don't post within two hours, the dodgeball automatically hits them, and that person is out. Each person has three lives, which means you will take three hits to be eliminated. You're allowed to throw an unlimited amount of dodgeballs, but be careful! By 5 PM EST tomorrow, the tribe with the most players left standing will win reward, and if there's a tie, the tribe that knocked the most people out between those two will win reward.

Edit: You may only throw the dodgeball at one person at a time until that ball has either been caught or hit the target.

Udspille has two extra members, and Maeva and Petrus have been randomly selected to sit out.

As far as the advantages go (from Lille Verden), there was a tie, and has chosen Jet to win the advantage from the tie. Congratulations, Jet!

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