Welcome, members of Lille Verden (and any onlookers from the game)! Please welcome the newest member, Briana.

Anyway, today it is time for your fourth immunity challenge on Lille Verden. In today's immunity challenge, you will be pinned against each other. Every thirty minutes, you may post one of two things: either "Builds defenses" or "Attacks (name of other competitor)". If you choose to attack another competitor, that person will receive one damage if they do not respond in the next thirty minutes (if they do respond in the next thirty minutes, the attacker receives one damage). Each person starts off with only one point of health, so if they're attacked immediately and don't have any defenses, then they will die. If they do build up their defenses, then they will add one point of health for each time they build of their defense. For example, if I choose to build up my health twice and then someone successfully attacks me, then I will be at two points of health. The last one alive or the person with the most health by 5 PM EST tomorrow wins immunity.

On another note, you guys also must send me your nominations for disadvantage and advantage. You may talk amongst yourselves if you wish, but I must also receive your votes by 5 PM EST tomorrow. Ties will be broken by

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask. Good luck!

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