Congratulations, Gregg, you have won immunity!

Because Gregg has immunity and Kiki and Tyler can only vote for each other, Gregg's vote is the deciding factor for which of the others will be permanently eliminated from the game.  Gregg, you have until 5 PM EST tomorrow to send in your vote.  If Kiki or Teck would like to pelad their case here, you can post in the comment section below.

Jeff Probst: I will now read the vote.

..2nd Person Eliminated from Survivor: Faroe Islands...


[The below is all flavor. Do not read into it.]

Gregg looks at the ground, eyes watery. Teck sadly gets up, and throws his buff into the fire as he walks out of the game. Kiki gratefully looks at Gregg, who seems tormented at having to vote someone out of the game.

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